Domestic Cleaning

Our Service

Weekly and Fortnightly Cleaning and Ironing

The service that we provide is a weekly and fortnightly domestic cleaning and ironing service in St Albans. We operate on the basis of a minimum of 2 hours per visit. This is to make each visit worthwhile for the cleaner. However, our experience tells us that this is a minimum amount of time for us to give your home the thorough clean that it deserves. 

Same Day and Time

The cornerstone of how we operate is placing the same cleaner with you on the same day and at the same time each week. This allows us to establish continuity between you and your cleaner.

Trusted Relationship

Your cleaner will get to understand what you require of him or her and in turn, you will get to build a trusting relationship with your cleaner whereby you can be confident that your requirements will be fulfilled each time he or she comes to your home.

Flexible Service

We pride ourselves in offering a flexible service. Key features of this are as follows:

Which jobs will the cleaners do?

Again, the essence of the service we provide is flexibility. Different clients have their own requirements. However, here is a typical list of things that the cleaners will do:

Are there any jobs the cleaners won't do?

There are tasks that we ask you not to get your cleaner to do and examples of those are: 

Carpet and oven cleaning are specialist tasks and our cleaners are not trained to do them. Therefore we recommend you contact a professional, specialising in these areas if they are a service you require. 

In order to ensure the welfare and health and safety of the cleaners, we also ask you not to request that your cleaner moves heavy items of furniture. 

Our Recruitment Process

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